Terms & conditions

The Hertfordshire Golf & Country Club (“THGCC”) is a proprietary owned facility operated by Elysium Golf Limited (“Elysium”).


Acceptance of an application by Elysium constitutes a contract of membership between Elysium and the applicant/s subject to these terms and conditions.  Membership is conditional upon the observance of these terms and conditions (and any local terms and conditions in force), which are applicable to membership.


Elysium retains absolute discretion in accepting or rejecting any application for membership without ascribing any reason for so doing.  Membership is an annual commitment regardless of payment type or frequency of payment/s selected.


1. Elysium offers various categories of annual membership which run for a period of 12 months from the date an application form is signed.  Choice of membership category will determine any fees, privileges or restrictions and Elysium reserves the right to introduce, delete or amend categories of membership at its sole discretion.  Full details of each category of membership are set out in available Elysium literature.


2. Elysium shall fix the membership subscription. All fees will be paid in advance annually or in monthly instalments by Direct Debit.  The subscription fee is non-refundable and non-transferable and may be varied by Elysium at its sole discretion.  Any changes to the subscription fee will be notified to members with a minimum of two weeks notice in writing.  Membership may be renewed by payment to Elysium of the appropriate subscription fee in force, Elysium however reserve the right to refuse renewal of a membership without ascribing any reason for so doing.  Where applicable, administration fees, joining fees, subscription fees and affiliation fees include VAT at the standard rate.  Any administration and/or joining fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and must be paid in full at the commencement of membership.  Elysium may immediately terminate without prior written notice the membership/s of any member who falls in arrears with any payments in excess of 30 days or who has a direct debit refused or returned. Two forms of ID and a proof of address are required for each membership contract. For payments by DD, latest bank statement is required.


3. Members shall be accepted on completion of an application form and clearance of payment/s relevant to their category.  Elysium shall have the final decision in relation to the appointment of all members.  The membership shall become active upon payment of the appropriate administration fee and/or joining fee and relevant annual/monthly subscription.  To qualify for joint membership categories, ongoing relationship and proof of permanency must be given upon application through joint bank account, fixed utility invoices or certifiable financial records.  


4. Members of the club will be provided with a membership card or similar unique identification/access device, which will remain the property of Elysium and must be returned to Elysium on cessation or suspension of membership.  A charge may be levied should a replacement card or device be required for any reason. Entry to the premises and all facilities may be denied in the absence of these forms of membership identity.  Loss of these items should be reported immediately to reception.


5. All members shall keep Elysium up to date with any changes in personal details, including address, telephone numbers etc. All changes shall be provided in writing.


6. Members are entitled to use the facilities available under the relevant category of membership.  Elysium reserves the right to withdraw all or any part of such facilities on a temporary or permanent basis when such facilities are required to be closed for repair, maintenance, development or alteration work. Members and their guests use all facilities at their own risk.


7. Opening and closing times vary throughout the year and Elysium may, at its sole discretion, vary the opening hours in response to business patterns.  Changes will be reasonably posted via relevant notice boards.  


8. All members and guests must check in and register with reception.


9. Elysium reserves the right to refuse admission or cancel membership immediately if any member shall in the opinion of the manager on duty cause nuisance or annoyance to other club users or club staff. In the event of cancellation of membership, no fees shall be refunded.


10. All annual payment plan members intending to resign their membership shall do so in writing, notifying Elysium prior to membership renewal.  All members on monthly instalment payment plans intending to resign their membership shall do so in writing with no less than 60 days’ notice to Elysium.  No refund partial or otherwise will be granted on any fees.  


11. Elysium may expel any member whose conduct, in the opinion of its representatives, is injurious to the character or interests of THGCC, Elysium or its members or renders the member unfit to be associated with other members, guests or visitors.  There is no obligation on Elysium to give any reason for an expulsion.


12. Guests may be introduced by members subject to the approval of Elysium staff.  Guests must be accompanied by the member at all times, be signed in and pay the appropriate guest fee/s.  The member will assume responsibility for ensuring that guests abide by club rules and codes of behaviour.


13. Golf members may sign in up to three guests per day and Leisure members may sign in one guest per day, all subject to payment of the appropriate guest fee/s.  No one person may be signed in as a guest on more than six occasions per annum.  


14. All members and guests must enter the premises at the appropriate entrance points only.  Members and guests should make themselves aware of appropriate emergency exit points and procedures and be prepared to use these and follow staff instructions in the event of an emergency.


15. THGCC and Elysium cannot accept liability for members’ or guests’ cars, the contents of vehicles or other property, personal or otherwise, which are brought to THGCC at the member’s and guests’ own risk. Elysium’s liability for damage or loss of members’ and guests’ property is strictly limited to any damage or loss caused directly as a result of the negligence of Elysium, its staff or agents. Any item of lost property unclaimed for a period greater than 3 months may be disposed of by Elysium at its sole discretion.


16. Any member or guest who suffers an accident on THGCC premises or grounds must report the circumstances and details of the accident/incident to the senior staff member on duty immediately.  Elysium cannot accept any liability for any accident to a member or guest other than liability that may arise from the negligence of Elysium, its staff or agents.


17. The member is financially liable to Elysium for annual membership fees and any goods and services used at THGCC from time to time.  Elysium shall not be responsible for damage, injury or loss occurring as a result of an act or omission of any member, guest or visitor to THGCC.  All members and their guests shall indemnify THGCC and Elysium against any such liability.  Any member, guest or visitor who makes use or accepts use of any facility or service at THGCC shall do so at their own risk, provided that THGCC or Elysium is not proved negligent in its provision.  THGCC or Elysium cannot be held responsible for any loss due to inclement weather, act of god or force majeure resulting in closures.


18. Elysium whose decision shall be final and binding shall determine any dispute or difference, which may arise in regard to interpretation of these rules, terms and conditions.


19. Elysium reserves the right to amend the rules, terms and conditions at any time, notifying such change via relevant notice boards.  Individual notice to members will not be required.


20. Management of THGCC and facilities is controlled by Elysium who requires members and guests to comply with any reasonable directions given to ensure the smooth operation of THGCC.


21. Any club constitutions or other formed bodies relating to THGCC are subservient at all times to these rules, terms and conditions.